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Group Working on Historical Marker for Chick Inn
Jun 25, 2012   08:43 AM

The committee to secure a historical marker to commemorate the Chick Inn site is working hard to meet the application filing requirements and deadline for this year. If successful, the marker could be approved and available in 2013.
Your help is needed to achieve this goal. We need you to share any and all stories / information you have. This could include recollections about the Chick Inn, the Hodnetts, the Wilsons, etc. If you were married by J.C. Hodnett in his JP office at the Chick Inn, if you proposed to someone or were proposed to at the Chick Inn, or had any other socially significant event occur at or because of the Chick Inn...please share those stories. Include dates or documents. Of course names will not be included in the narrative of the marker except for principal characters like the Wilsons and Hodnetts, etc.
This information is REQUIRED no later than August 1st.
You can send information via email, via USPS mail...404 E. Davilla, Granger TX 76530, and I will take all information posted in Chick Inn Memories on Facebook
Donations are now being accepted to assist with the expenses associated with securing the marker.
Expenses will include...application fee 100.00 (required by State), marker 1,500.00 (estimate from State), and dedication ceremony expense (to be determined).
Donations can be mailed to the Z.I. Hale Museum, P.O. Box 211, Winters, Tx 79567, and designated CHICK INN FUND.

A 20.00 donation will entitle you to a museum membership. You will receive information from the museum regarding your membership when your donation is received.
If funds collected exceed the required expenses, the excess will be applied to the museum general to assist with future historical endeavors in Winters.
The gift is considered a charitable contribution.